There are two kinds of supplements in the market today. One is nutritional type, another is functional type.

Nutritional Type of supplements is designed for supplying the nutrients that are lacking of in our daily diet. They do not have any exact effect in relation to our conditions, such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, royal jelly, etc.


Functional Type of supplements is designed for improving specific health issues.

There are three subdivisions in this type of supplements:


working on regulating the function of organs(like fish oil, lecithin, etc.);


focusing on group compounding forms to enhance the effect of supplement (like Super Greens–spirulina,barley grass,chlorella & wheat grass; Superfood Mix– hemp, maca, lucuma, spirulina, caocao, barley grass,chlorela & kelp; Joint Support Complex etc.);


working at the cellular level to repair DNA and cells, and supply nutrients to the cells (like Reserve, AM/PM &FINITI from Jeunesse).

These supplements are the most advanced type to fight against aging related conditions. There are about 400 thousand billions to 600 thousand billions of cells which are the basic structural and functional units in human body. The main cause of the disorder of organs’ function is the damaging and dying of the cells. The illnesses are the manifestation of the organs’ function disorders. There are two main reasons to cause cells death: one is lacking of nutrients, another is over loading toxins beyond cells’ capacity to remove. These cellular level supplements can nourish and repair cells, especially repair DNA. So they can bring the cells back to their healthy and vitality state.

These cellular level functional supplements are pure natural, no addictive effect, regulating the function from over all of the body, and showing effects from 3-15 days.






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