Our testimonia

Testimonial from Pippa O’Gorman ( Kinesiologist)

I attended Xinhua Ji at the Chinese Medical Centre for treatment for severe neck pain. I was unable to move my head or neck and was in constant agony. Xinhua treated me with acupuncture and by the end of the first session my neck started to improve. After 3 sessions it was completely back to normal with full mobility.  Xinhhua is an extremely competent health professional who understands how the whole body works together. I am so grateful to her for relieving my pain and I would recommend her to anyone suffering with something similar.


Testimonial from Josephine Kelly (homeopath)

Attending the Medical Centre ( in Art of Eating store) in Dun Laoghaire has greatly helped me, both in the improvement of my condition (vertigo) and the way I view illness. Xinhua is a very wise and competent Chinese Medical doctor. Her ability to teach and encourage me to be more consciously aware of my breathing and to make a few simple adjustments to my daily diet has also helped enormously.


Testimonial from Harry Parkinson (Sound Therapist)

I was diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve) at C5-C6. I attended several physiotherapists with little success and had been managing the pain with medication, heat treatment and sound therapy. A friend suggested I see Dr Xinhua so I made an appointment. From the moment I arrived, I felt she was tuned in and listened carefully to what I had to say. After only three sessions of acupuncture and spinal manipulation the pain completely disappeared. I would highly recommend Dr. Xinhua without any hesitation.