Super food

Super food

Synergy  100% natural, organic, we have different products spirulina,super green, cholorella and Wheat Grass. They contains different ingredients and available in both powder and tablets.


Raw Kitchen  Our popular organic powders. They are barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina, maca and red maca .


Sunwarrior  Our best sell products, very effective one. Ormus supergreens are raw and organic, made from the purest probiotic greens grown on high altitude volcanic rich soil. The ingredients: probiotic cultured greens, alfalfa, barley, wheat and oat grass, spinach, parsley,yucca, peppermint and stevia.



smoothie mix ( organic powder, 300g)

The Ingredients are hemp, maca, lucuma, cacao, spirulina,cholorella, kelp and barley-grass. It help anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac and detox.


Breakfast Topping 50g   (100% Nature) ingredient: hulled hemp seeds, organic mulberries, chia seeds, lightly roasted organic cacao nibs, Goji berries.


Other supplements for over all health


One A day plus 90 tabelets

Mineral complex 60 vegetable capsules

Zinc citrate 90 tablets

Iron EAP complex , Iron phosphate with Ethanolamine, 60 vegetable capasules

Oregano Complex 60 vegetable capsules ( Micellised Oregano with Freeze, dried garlic, borage, grape seed, clove and ginger grass

Vistasorb  B12  liquid vitamin B12 15ml

Vistasorb  B6   Liquid vitamin B6 30ml

Nutrisorb Trave Minerals   Liquid Multi-mineral 15ml

Nutrisorb Chrominum     Liquid chromium  15ml

Nutrisorb Selenium       Liquid Selenium   15ml


Higher Nature   true food        with a full spectrum of food-based nutrients

True food B6   90 Vegetarian tablets

True food magnesium  30 vegetarian tablets

True Food B complex  90  vegetarian tablets

Whole health

OPC Grape Seed Extract  90 capsules. (95% proanthocyanidins)

Nelsons  Candida 72 tablets (Homeopathic remedies for natural resistance to the challenges of flora imbalance)