Immune Boost

Asea Water

Revive Active  26 active ingredients,high therapeutic doses,no artificial sweeteners,high grade CoQ10 ingredient, support the heart, immune system and normal brain function

Vitamin E   natures Aid, 500iu, 400iu we have

BioCare, BioMulsion


Vitamin C   BioCare, Vitamin C powder 60g/250g

Pukka, Natural Vitamin C 250mgX60 cap

Vitamin D3  Natures Aid, Vitamin D 3 25ug(1000iu)per tablet

Drops suitable for infants and children 200iu/0.5ml


Better You   Daily Vitamin D, Oral Spary

1000iu (25ug) each spray

3000iu (75ug) each spray

Heart, Brain & Vascular Support

Revive Active

Natures Aid, Ubiquinol

Clean marine, Krill Oil 500mg*60caps

Eskimo-3 with Vitamin E

Udo’s choice, Ultimate Oil Blend 250ml,500ml,also available in caps

BioCare, Magnesium Taurate    60caps

Gastrointestinal Aids

Natures Aid, Digestive Euzymes Complex

Higher Nature, Supergest

Udo’s choice

Sunwarrios, Liguid Light (Natural Fulvic Acid Mineral Complex)

BioCare, Slippery Elm plus (slippery Elm plus (Slippery Elm, Marshmallow & Rice extract)

BioCare, HCL & pepsin

Salus, Floradix Intestcare (with Turmeric, Magnesium and Apple-plum extract) 250ml

Obbekjaers Oil of Peppermint (Enteric coated capsules)

Musculoskeletal Support


Classic protein     from bio-fermented, sprouted,whole grain brown rice protein) 500g 1kg

Variety flavor: Ntural, Vanilla, Chocolate

Blend Raw Protein   from raw organic cranberry, protein, raw pea protein, raw organic hemp protein  available 500g and 1kg

Activated Barley    from organic Activated pre-sprouted barley powder | the ultimate slow burning carbohydrate, low glycemic index super food.


Calm Natural

Magnesium Supreme  in powder form for optimal absorption 226g

Magnesium rub      absorbed magnesium through Skin 8fl.oz 237ml

Magnesium Gel      absorbed magnesium through Skin 8fl.oz 237ml


Better You

Magnesium Oil (Original Spray)100ml

Magnesium Oil (Joint Spray) 100ml

Magnesium Flakes(Body Soak) 250g and 1kg


Higher Nature

-MSM 1000mg

Glucosamine Joint Complex  30tbs, 90tbs and 240tbs available.

Salus , Floradix Magnesium 250ml

Floradix Saludynam  liquid calcium magnesium Zinc formula 250ml

NHP the naturalhealth practice

Osteo Support, Aspecial vitamin & mineral supplement, 90 vegetarian capsules, formulated to help maintain strong healthy bones


Massage Gream & Oil

Pernaton Gel 125ml  the original green lipped mussel extract gel, for connective tissue and joint care

Optima Glucosamine Joint Complex 125ml, Contains aloe vera, devils claw, MSM, Triple action gel for connective tissue, joint and muscle care

Weleda, Massage Balm with Arinica 100g (for muscular and rheumatic Pain)